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Volcano OG

25,00Box of 30 bags

The Volcano OG of Hemp Chips are crispy potato chips with a delicious texture. Handcrafted with natural aromas of Myrcene , Pinene and Linalool.

Esta cuidada selección de aromas, junto con una fusión de especias japonesas ligeramente picantes, ofrecen un sabor primario de patata y las convierten en un bocado irresistible con un matiz OG inconfundible.

The sales format of the Hemp Chips varieties is with boxes containing 30 bags of 35 grams. Also, the boxes have a pre-cut side to be torn off and can be used as a service display.

  • Units of 35 gr.
  • Boxes of 30 units.
  • Expiration date; 1 year.

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